Unlike Carolyn, who seems to be turning into a total yes-man, I didn't agree with the Donald's firing decision last night. Sure, Bradford made a huge mistake by getting overly cocky and offering to waive his immunity. And, yes, he acted like a total jerk last week when he insisted on that ridiculous football toy. But he performed really well during the ice cream task. Ivana, on the other hand, was a total disaster. I can't believe the second ice cream cart was missing for three hours! And it was totally unfair to blame Stacie J., since, as George pointed out, Broadway is only a half block away from 7th Avenue. Maria should have checked out both blocks just to be sure. Or, she could have simply called Stacie J. to figure it out! It's almost like she wanted Stacie J. to be wrong just to establish a scapegoat.

I agree that Stacie J. is something of a loose cannon. Last week, she completely folded under pressure. This week, she further alientated her team members by calling the temp agency without conferring with them first. That said, I don't like the way Ivana tried to turn everyone against Stacie just to save her own hide in the boardroom. That was really despicable, underhanded, and immature. She should have gotten the boot last night, not Bradford, or even Stacie.

Raj really proved himself last night. Part of me thought he might turn out to be just another quirky weirdo with no brains, but, so far, he's proven me wrong. The fact that he had a dozen bowties to hand out to all the guys was fabulous. I think the bowties really made a difference. Raj's idea to dub the donut gelato a "breakfast icecream" to promote morning sales was also genius.

A lot of credit must go to Kelly, who did a great job as project manager. I'm really glad he kicked John to the curb and gave out $5 food allowances to everyone. John was acting like a total maniac when he insisted that Raj couldn't have any food money. I felt so bad for Raj when he pleaded, "But I'm hypoglycemic...I need a bagel!" Thank goodness Kelly put his foot down. That West Point training really came in handy.

As for Pamela, she's not long for this show. She's too brusque. A good manager has to have the right combination of toughness and charm...she possesses none of the latter. And it really made me ill when she was showing off at Petrossian, asking for creme fraiche and toast points. Wow...that's so impressive. Not really! I'm with Andy...I would have been disappointed with that reward, especially after eating just $5 worth of food all day. Just a couple of weeks ago on the Amazing Race, team members were passing out and crying after being forced to eat that much caviar!

Next week should be interesting. The weak links are Ivana, Stacie, Pamela, and John. One of them is sure to go!