I suppose it's best that Stacie J. got fired last night. The Donald was right...she was a major disruption to the other players. And the fact that she hardly even defended her behavior during the first task makes me think she really might have a problem. Or, maybe she's just an eccentric entrepreneur who does better running her own business solo. She kept saying she was the strongest person on the team, but she didn't do anything to prove it.

Stacie was right about one thing: now that she's gone, the other women are going to tear each other apart. If I was on the women's team, I'd be gunning for Maria. She spinned out in the second episode, when she couldn't locate the second ice cream cart, and then she blew last night's challenge by failing to get a written agreement with the flyer vendor. Big mistake. Then, to make matters worse, she tried to blame everyone else but her. That seems to be the modus operandi for the women's team. As soon as something goes wrong, the blame game begins. The fact that Elizabeth didn't even know about the budget problem until they walked into the final meeting with the Procter & Gamble execs speaks volumes. She was totally out of the loop.

Overall, I thought the Mike Piazza stunt was pretty lame. I’m not sure when that actually took place, but Piazza's not exactly the superstar he used to be. The Mets are doing terribly this season, and Piazza hasn't helped. Besides, Mike looked like he had just rolled out of bed, and he didn't seem too enthused to be there. I wasn’t impressed. Plus, he was only around for a half hour...how much buzz could that have created? Granted, it was pretty great that he autographed the toothpaste boxes and the flyers, but, in general, I wasn't impressed.

I'm impressed by the way Mosaic bounced back after their bad news about the insurance policy. The $5,000 sweepstakes was brilliant, and the circus in Washington Square Park seemed to garner a lot more attention that the Piazza appearance. I loved it when one of the Mosaic team members (maybe RJ?) yelled out that the fire breathing lady uses Crest vanilla mint after eating a fire ball. That was priceless. Mosaic really seems to be on a roll, and I’m sure that lavish dinner on the Queen Mary 2 did wonders for morale.

Now that Stacie J. is gone, the women have to reorganize. Kudos to Stacy R. for trying to get the team's hostilities out in the open. That was a step in the right direction, even though it didn't seem to work very well. If they don't start acting like a team, they'll never win. Hopefully next week's restaurant challenge will be a turning point. Otherwise, this is going to be a predictable season!