Doesn't Anybody Care About Health Care?

What's the number? Is it 30 million Americans who are not covered by health insurance? Thirty-five million? Whatever the dismal reckoning, what astounds me is that no major American corporation has embraced it as a cause.

They've line up behind breast cancer and prostate cancer and AIDS and childhood obesity. But I don't know of one company that is making this part of their good corporate citizen mission.

The possibilities are endless. Major corporations could be a voice for communicating the seriousness of the problem and the need for innovative
solutions. They could help fund health insurance for families who need it as part of their corporate giving. They could help their employees "adopt" other families.

The curious silence on this front makes me wonder. Is the subject of health insurance radioactive because big companies don't want to call attention to their own shabby records? That would be a tragedy. The biggest public health crisis in America needs corporate friends, and the fact that they're willing to get behind far tinier problems is troubling, mystifying and a massive lost opportunity.

Where is the company with the courage to come forward?