I was reaching for my aspirin way before the first commercial break last night. Where do I even begin? The women are killing me. They're a total embarrassment. As I said last week, this is going to be one predictable season unless the Apex gals get their act together. They embody every cliche about women in the business world, between Elizabeth (the sensitive cry baby) and Jen (the catty shrew). What gives? They should take a cue from last season's stellar female team, which was the polar opposite.

Jen C. was unbelievably awful last night. I think this is the first time the Donald ever said that a firing decision was "easy." Jen's big mouth has been getting on his nerves for a while. Last night, she proved to be the worst project leader ever. I couldn't believe she thought being a good leader meant glowering at people while they were trying to work. And she was totally annoying the restaurant patrons. I would have been really irked if her motor mouth was running while I tried to eat dinner. I'm not a huge fan of little Stacy, but I started liking her more last night after seeing her stand up to Jen. I'm so glad the Donald criticized her for not taking Sandy into the boardroom. Sandy is so cheesy. I can't imagine her running one of Trump's companies. Go back to the bridal shop, Sandy!

Not all the women are lost causes. Stacy R. is annoying, but she seems hard-working and determined, if somewhat hyper. Ivana is growing on me. I bet she'll be a better project leader if she gets another chance. I think she's the most level-headed person on the Apex team. Maria didn't do anything outrageously dumb last night, but she seems more concerned with her "designer suits" and lip gloss than winning tasks. Plus, I still can't get over her bonehead move that led to last week's budget debacle. Jen M. hasn't done much to impress me, but she hasn't done anything awful, either. Hopefully she can team up with Stacy R. and Invana and try to turn this team around.

Now on to the guys...once again, Raj was a genius. Hiring cleaners for the restaurant was brilliant. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the women mopping the floors at 4 AM while Raj got his beauty sleep. To be honest, I wasn't really blown away by either restaurant. The chef at Mosaic's eatery didn't seem great (who likes warm salad?), and the service was pathetic (Andy served up another mediocre performance as a waiter). The decor and food at both places seemed so similar that it all really came down to the vibe. The guys were having fun and buzzing around, while the women gathered in groups and hovered nervously in their too-chic black dresses and chandelier earrings. I loved it when the guys sent John over to serve the table of gay men. It totally worked, and that stroke of genius may have pushed team Mosaic over the top.

Now for some news from the grapevine. I hear that the Donald may have regretted his decision to fire Stacie J. last week, and may bring her back on the show. That should be interesting. I've been wavering about the decision myself. Even though she was a loose cannon, I agree with Kevin that it wasn't fair for the women to use her "craziness" to save their own hides. I applaud Kevin for sticking up for Stacie J. and pointing out that none of the women were qualified to diagnose her with a mental illness. Nice job, Kevin.

Hopefully next week will bring some surprises, because I'm sick and tired of listening to the Apex women complain. Last season, after the women's team proved so dominant, the Donald mixed and matched to make it more interesting. On the preview for next week's episode, it seemed like he was considering sending Pamela back to her old team. I'm not so sure that will help, considering she's got plenty of her own issues. I'd really like to see Raj or Kevin take the Apex reigns and really lay down the law!