The Big Boys Need to Be a Little Nicer to Small Business

It's no secret that big business wants to win the hearts of small
business. It's why America's giants -- banks, technology companies,
financial services conglomerates -- advertise on and in our
hard-copy, non-virtual version.

They know small business is the growth engine of our economy, the place
where innovation creates jobs and ideas turn into action while big
companies are first turning on the lights in the morning.

But what has big business done to earn the trust of small business? Not
much. Every entrepreneur knows how hard it is to get the attention of
larger companies when it comes to selling their products and services.

It's frustrating, time-consuming and usually futile.

So while a large bank may launch a marketing campaign welcoming the
little guy, the little guy who is a software developer or a janitorial
services company or a website company knows how resistant big banks --
and big anything, for that matter -- are to "new vendors."

My suggestion: if the Big Boys want to win the heart and soul of small
business, why don't they prove they are small business supporters
themselves? How about a list on their website of the entrepreneurs they
give business to, encourage and develop?

How about special programs to make it easier -- not harder -- for small
companies to be successful business partners of theirs?

Proving that you are part of the small business family is the best way
to convince other small business that you deserve their loyalty.