Last night, two ridiculously rich rivals went at it, as the media relentlessly over hyped every machination, every physical nuance, every utterance, and every detail of a contest between the two "favorites" even though there are scores of citizens across the country who could care less about either one of them...but enough about Yankees/Red Sox, there was a presidential debate for Pedro's sake.

(The previous punch line is in memory of a truly great - and always trustworthy -- American worthy of everyone's respect. Godspeed, Mr. Dangerfield.)

Back to the debates. I'm not here to say who "won," and last time I checked debates aren't sporting events, there is no final score, well other than that White House mailing address. (Although how great would it be if one of the candidates called the other one his "Daddy" after it was over?) The three debates helped John Kerry more than George Bush in terms of public polling, but they basically ended up where they started, in a dead heat. That's good by me because offshore gaming websites are currently taking electoral college parlays.

So after three debates and months of campaigning, what do you think? Is one candidate THE candidate for entrepreneurs? Are you sure about that? Our current poll about who would make the best CEO is running 88% GOP (Bush and Cheney are counted separate), but maybe that's because they both have business experience. Or maybe not, maybe Inc. and the NRA are one in the same? I find it hard to believe that in a country as red/blue as this one, basically divided in half, that Inc. has an 88% audience of any kind, but maybe I'm wrong. If so, why? What was said in the debate, or in the platform -- RELATED TO ENTREPRENEURSHIP - by either candidate that wrapped up your support? (Please folks, let's keep the cultural issues at bay for one blog).

More intriguingly, is anyone out there still on the fence? This could be your chance to persuade a fellow entrepreneur...let's hear it my fellow Americans. Who are you going to vote for on November 2nd for the office of President of the United States?

After all, it's two weeks from Tuesday.