I'm really glad that the women FINALLY won a challenge last night. I must admit that I was skeptical at first, especially when Maria started bragging about her home ec minor. I'm not desparaging home ec classes in general. But I didn't realize you could minor in that in college! What are the classes like? At any rate, Maria did a great job in last night's episode. Her instinct to hire the lower-priced, industry-savvy designer proved correct. And I liked the way she handled Elizabeth: get her away from the group, but make her feel important.

That proved to be a wise move, considering that Elizabeth started overanalyzing almost immediately when she balked on hiring the more reasonably-priced designer. Boy, was she wrong. Those low prices turned out to be the main reason for the Apex victory. Thankfully, Maria took control, made the decision she felt good about, and sent Elizabeth away for the rest of the day. That ALMOST makes up for her ridiculous behavior in the previous episodes. But the jury's still out on Maria. As for Elizabeth, I predict that she'll be fired within the next two episodes.

Unlike Maria, John was awful last night. Kelly was right when he said he acted more like the PM than John did. First of all, Kelly blew me away when he started sketching outfits. An army guy who also designs clothes? Is there anything he can't do? Raj really disappointed me last night...I was definitely having a Sam flashback when he kept annoying Ilsa. He really lost it. Thank goodness Kelly stepped in and told him to get a grip, as John looked on sheepishly from afar. I hope Raj goes back to his old ways next week.

Well, John was pretty nervy to bring Andy and Kevin into the boardroom with him. Okay, so Kevin did screw up royally by jacking up the prices on the clothes, but Wes was right there with him. And, as the Donald pointed out, John should have helped out with the crucial task of pricing the items rather than hanging out with the models. Come on, John! Plus, I don't understand why people keep using Andy's age as a reason for firing him. John is only a year older, after all! That said, Andy didn't do much last night, or any other night. I don't really understand why the Donald seems convinced that Andy is so great. I just don't see it. If anyone else can shed some light on that situation, please do.

Despite bad performances from several of the men, John was the clear choice for last night. He had no control over the team. The one decision he did make (to hire Ilsa) turned out to be wrong. I liked her designs, but they were too couture for the challenge. But I don't blame Ilsa for this one...she told the guys what she would charge, and they doubled everything. It's not your fault, Ilsa!

Next week should be interesting. It looks like the Donald will be pulling the old switcheroo. And just when the women are hitting their stride. Oh well. I guess that's how it goes. Hmmm...I'd sure like to see Kelly put Elizabeth in her place. And maybe the women will help bring Andy out of his shell. A romance between fashionistas Raj and Maria? Only time will tell.