Last night's task was pretty lame compared to the restaurant opening and even the doughnut challenge. I don't have a dog, but I used to when I was a kid, and I never would have let a bunch of people with no experience clip my collie's nails. And if anyone offered to massage him, I would be tempted to call the police, not cough up $20 for the service.

That's why I didn't totally agree with the Donald's decision to fire little Stacy. Yes, she was annoying, yes she was a distraction. But she was the only team member who thought of an alternative to the lame dog grooming idea. I actually liked her idea to dress up the dogs in outfits and take pictures. Sure, the costumes in the pet store were too expensive at $30 a pop, but they could have just bought a couple of a studded collar and a pretty dress up the dogs for pictures and offer that service in addtion to the washing. I guess it's true that nobody listens to Stacy's ideas because she's annoying. That's her fault. But still, I didn't think she deserved to be fired last night.

As far as I'm concerned, Wes was the real loser. His ideas were boring and he took way too long to execute them. As a leader, he was uninspired. Jennifer was a bit least she thought to expand the range of "spa" services and branch out into two locations. Overall, it was kind of hard to judge people's performances on this challenge. That said, Andy clearly screwed up big time by losing the cell phone. But I'm not quite sure why George's fill-in kept bringing up what would have happened if he had done that on the battlefield. That's a tad dramatic, no?

When is George coming back, anyway? I hate when he goes away on business. The boardroom isn't the same without him. But Carolyn definitely pulled her weight. She's acting a lot tougher this season, maybe because Bill Rancic isn't around? I loved it when she busted Kelly for lying about the number of dogs he had washed. He made a huge mistake by saying he washed eight dogs in a certain time span when Carolyn knew it was only four. The Donald let Kelly off the hook by saying he "exaggerated." To me, it seemed more like an outright lie. I was kind of surprised that Kelly would stoop to that sort of behavior.

Overall, I was pretty disappointed in the latest episode. The Donald seems to be firing people based on personality flaws, not on actual performances. But the team swap was rather revealing. I'm not surprised that Jennifer dumped Stacy and Sandy, but why Maria? She irks me, but she did perform well on the last task. I would have kept her and gotten rid of Elizabeth the whiner instead. As for Wes, I'm surprised he got rid of Kevin. Maybe he's still bitter about last week's pricing debacle, which they were both partially responsible for. I would have kept Kevin and ditched Andy. I bet Wes regretted the decision to keep Andy after the cell phone incident. As for Raj, I guess that was a reasonable decision. I still like Raj because he's dynamic and has good ideas, but he's starting to seem like a loose cannon.

Judging from the previews for next week, it looks like Apex is going to turn on Elizabeth. I can't say I blame them. Hopefully the next challenge will be more exciting than this one!