Dear Miss Management,
Is it rude to talk about the election in the office? Some of us are very upset about the election results, and it's hard not to discuss it openly.
Puzzled in Pennysylvania

Dear Puzzled,
It all depends on what kind of office you work in. If you're surrounded by people who share your political opinions, you're in safe territory. But, if you're, say, the only Democrat in a right-leaning office, or you're not quite sure which way your coworkers swing, you should probably keep your lips zipped. If you don't, you run the risk of offending your boss and becoming the office pariah. It's tempting to obsess over the election at work, but, instead, try to focus on doing a good job. If the economy keeps limping the way it has been for another four years, you're going to need it.
Miss Management