What the heck happened to Raj last night? He used to be my favorite, but he's gone downhill steadily ever since the fashion challenge. Considering Raj's obsession with primping, I was shocked to see the state of the house when he gave the grand tour. I thought Caroline was going to faint when she saw the mud on the carpets. And that upstairs bathroom looked like a bomb hit it.

In Raj's defense, he seemed to be the victim of bad luck. There was really no way to know that contractor would be so bad. Taco man should be ashamed of himself. That said, Raj had a bad feeling about him right from the beginning. He should have trusted that instinct. But, when it came down to it, Raj didn't really seem to put his all into the challenge. It was almost like he didnt' care. I'm really disappointed in him.

Sandy, on the other hand, performed quite well last night. I must say I was pleasantly surprised by her gusto. OK, so she did go on that crying jag on the front lawn, but that's known to happen. At least she didn't do it in front of the team and recovered quickly. Elizabeth probably would have given up at that point! I thought Sandy did a great job overall. She had the advantage of being the last project manager to be chosen, and she used everything she learned from past PM's mistakes. She remained calm and authoritative without being egomaniacal or bossy. She really gave it her alll, and I thought the house looked great as a result. I was surprised, in fact, that Sandy's team only one by a three percent margin...I expected it to be a landslide victory.

One problem with last night's episode was that it was tough to judge anyone's performance based on the task, since most of the work was being done by contractors. And Andy just happened upon that crew that pulled up in front of the house and saved the day. That was dumb luck. I don't know why Kevin was so gung-ho about that other contractor. Did he know something we didn't know? It was pretty unwise of him to stick his neck out like that.

Ivana's really starting to bother me. She's a poisonous presence on her team. She'll probably get the boot next week. The Donald clearly doesn't like her. And what was Chris's problem. He made a big mistake by betraying his team in front of the Donald and Carolyn, who can't tolerate disloyalty. We all learned that lesson last season. Get a clue, Chris!

I hope next week features more task time and less boardroom time...a half hour is way too much!