Where do I even begin? Apex is a complete disaster. Even though I've never thought much of Chris, I was shocked by how bad he was as PM. First of all, his language is terrible. His crass behavior makes Heidi look like Mary Poppins. I'm not totally against cursing, but he's out of control. Of course, his biggest mistake last night was giving up as soon as he heard that the challenge was to set up a bridal salon. I couldn't believe that, especially considering his comments last week and his vow to rally the team. The whole point of the show is to prove that you can successfully complete a business challenge, whether that means massaging dogs or creating a new toy.

While Chris should take most of the blame for last night's disaster, the rest of the team was awful as well. Once again, they just gave up when their PM started having a breakdown. If they wanted to win, they should have taken control of the situation. That said, I have to give Jennifer some credit. I wasn't surprised that Chris sent her back up to the penthouse last night. At least she convinced some vendors to sign on. But, even though they wound up enticing some vendors and stocking up their sale with some dresses, their marketing idea was ridiculous. Handing out flyers and painting a sign on the front window. That was so amateurish.

I can't say that the Mosaic team members did much better. If it wasn't for Sandy, they probably wouldn't have known about the Knot.com, or that many bridal shops have discontinued dresses that they're eager to get rid of at cost. Even with Sandy's help, Maria and Wes blew the marketing task by forgetting to include a phone number on the email. It wound up working out in the end, but Maria was caught lying. This isn't the first time her disregard for detail has led to a major blunder. The only time she didn't act like a total ditz was during the fashion show episode...maybe because her head was on the chopping block that time? Hmmm. Maybe there's a little sabotage going on.

As time goes by, Kelly seems like a bigger and bigger jerk. His cocky attitude is really bothering me. And Wes was right on. I was hoping the Donald would take away Kelly's exemption and give it to Sandy last night. Wes was so right when he pointed out that Kelly chose to shadow Sandy instead of helping out with the marketing efforts. He was in full CYA mode. That's no way to lead a team.

Andy was a real goofball last night. That was pretty funny when Caroline asked him if it was his first time "doing this." That Ferrari comment was pretty cheesy. Andy has a lot to learn about the nuances of doing business. I just can't imagine him being a president of a Trump company. Maybe an intern?

Needless to say, Ivana is in real jeopardy. The Donald doesn't like her at all. Neither do I. As the Donald mentioned, that whole team seems totally apathetic. They're a stark contrast to last season's contestants. But maybe the Donald's comments in the boardroom last night will light a fire under them. I guess we'll find out next week...