Every week, the contestants on this show get more and more detestable. At this point, I'm rooting for Kevin. He's not the greatest contributor, but at least he seems like a nice guy. That sweat outbreak definitely scored him a few symphathy points from me. Jennifer M. shouldn't have said he was "disgusting." Doesn't she know that's a medical condition?

Jennifer's the one who should be sweating. I almost died when she couldn't figure out the fit wheel concept. What is her problem? Although I'm no fan of Ivana, I must admit that was a great idea. I don't blame Ivana for being peeved that Jen M. wound up getting a lot of credit for the team's victory, even though she did nothing except look good in the photos. But Ivana's dealing with the situation the wrong way. Every time she makes "dumb blonde" comments, she loses credibility. Instead, she should keep her cool and then lay out her argument against Jen in the next boardroom meeting.

Needless to say, Maria was a complete disaster last night. I couldn't believe the way she acted. It was really over the top. I'm glad she got the boot. I thought the double firing was pretty lame, though. It was obvious that NBC had planned that out in advance. Wes was wrong to let Maria and Sandy battle for so long, and he shouldn't have let Maria wrest control of the task, but he wasn't the worst PM so far. Plus, I can't stand the canned banter between the Donald and Bill Rancic. Why the heck would anyone call Bill "Mr. Rancic" if they call Carolyn and George by their first names. Lame!

I thought Kevin was a pretty good leader last night. Not great, but not offensive or incompetent, unlike many other PMs this season. Andy had a good point about wearing Levis to the meeting, but small contributions like that aren't enough to proved his worthiness. Kelly and Sandy were underwhelming last night. I used to like Kelly, but now I think he's a cocky jerk. At this point, I can't imagine who the Donald would choose to run one of his companies. Only time will tell!