'Tis the season for flus, colds, bronchitis, and various other ailments. My "sick" season got off to a great start with my 5-month-old daughter coming down with a lower respiratory virus. After spending eight days nursing her back to health, I'm finally at my desk again for a full day's work.

It's not easy taking so much time off to tend to sick children, or even myself, but I'm not running the shop, so with or without me things do keep running. But what if I were a business owner? Would I have been schlepping my sick infant into work each day to ensure things were running smoothly? Or if I had been sick, would I have kept at it despite my miserableness? My guess is that I would have done far more than I should have.

What do you do when your sick? Do you feel like you can take a few unplanned days away from your company to take care of yourself or a sick child? Or is the pull of the office so much you continue working despite the clear need for you to "take a break"?