Though I was disappointed in last night's season finale, I loved the wrap party at Roseland. But more on that later. Did anyone else think that the three hour episode was a tad much? I love Regis Philbin, but come on. As for the final showdown, it was pretty clear from the beginning that Jen was no match for Kelly. Frankly, I wasn't rooting for either of them. But I was hoping for more of a competition.

Jen really screwed up by delegating all of the important tasks, like dealing with the event sponsors, to other team members. Meanwhile, she stayed up all night printing out lousy signs. That was a total waste of time and energy. And what was with her outfit? I wouldn't dress like that to go to the grocery store. Jen and her entire team looked like bums. I understand they wanted to be sporty, but there must have been a classier way of pulling off the look. Kelly, on the other hand, always looks polished and projects a calm demeanor. I like the way he handled the dispute between Raj and Elizabeth. He nipped it in the bud before it got out of control. Still, I don't think he's so great as everyone was making him out to be. He's not a superhero. But I guess the best person doesn't always win in the business world, or, for that matter, on reality television. I would have loved to see Sandy and Kelly duke it out instead. Sandy lacks education, but she's learned from real life business experience, which no degree can buy.

While this season wasn't as exciting as the last one, the finale party was just as fabulous. Bobbie and I arrived on the red carpet just after 11. Roseland was transformed into a scene from New York City, complete with astro turf, park benches, street vendors, and even fake snow falling from the ceiling. It looked amazing. Not surprisingly, Omarosa held court on the dance floor for much of the night. She arrived in a fiery red ball gown, flanked on all sides by an entourage. I guess she forgave me for confronting her at last year's party, because she sauntered over to Bobbie and me on the dance floor. She was behaving rather well, actually. A few other favorites from last year were there, including Bill (looking kind of lost), Kwame (and his beautiful date), and Troy (charming as always). We talked to Nick's sister, who's sweet. Unfortunately, Moose was unable to attend this year. And, while Bobbie spotted Sugar Ray Leonard, Tony Danza never showed up. Needless to say, I was pretty disappointed about that.

Of course, Carolyn and George were there. Carolyn looked beautiful in a gold gown as she floated on the dance floor with Kwame. Raj wore his signature red pants and held court with the press and admirers all night. Bobbie and I talked to Sandy, and told her we thought she should have won. She was there with another bridal shop owner, who was rather fabulous. The Donald and Melania were there very briefly I didn't even see them. But I must say he threw one heck of a party. Unfortunately, at 2 AM, the music stopped and it was time to go home. I must say I'm looking forward to next season. I heard some talk at the party that it's going to be Ivy Leaguers versus high school grads. That could add some life back to the show. I guess we'll find out soon enough!