From slashing airfares to providing BlackBerrys, travel industry giants are giving business travelers reasons to want to hit the road. Reuters reported this morning that Delta Airlines is cutting airfares for travel in the continental U.S. by as much as 50%. High fuel prices, weak revenues, and competition from discount carriers are cited as a few of the reasons for the dramatic drop in prices. It's new fare program, SimpliFare, will also reduce fees for changing flights, from $100 to $50.

On the mobile technology front, Avis announced yesterday its plans for providing up to five BlackBerrys to travelers who rent cars between Jan. 1 and March 31, and who also sign a one-year telco service. During the period, one BlackBerry will be awarded each time a traveler rents a car, up to five. Avis let its small-business customers know before the general public, as its largest customer segment is business travelers, and it expects the BlackBerry giveaway to lure more in.