In an effort to help reduce electronic waste, or e-waste, eBay announced today a new recycling program, dubbed Rethink. At the Rethink website consumers and businesses can sell, donate, and recycle out-of-date computers and other electronics. The online auction behemoth and its large marketplace of buyers and sellers will make it easier for consumers and businesses to find others who can put old proucts to good use. And if there aren't any takers, users can choose to donate the products via eBay Giving Works or other organizations listed or even choose to recycle it with tips on how to choose a recycler. To read more about Rethink, go to

There are many other organizations you can contact to donate or recycle old computers. Some cities, such as Austin, Texas, have a computer recycling program, and many other options have surfaced that support the cause including:, a national nonprofit that provides a donation database. You can search your state to determine if anyone in your area needs computers or you can sign up as a donor, and

The Computer Take-Back Campaign, which lists responsible recyclers across the U.S.

So before you toss, research your options. Your environment will thank you for it.