Now that we're past the seasonal rush that seems to make our schedules so crazy from late November to New Year's Day, we should have plenty of time to act on our resolutions to "develop more meaningful relationships" in the new year, right? In our dreams. We're still as busy as ever.

So how can we build more relationships, when we already have so many things competing for our time? We're constantly on the go just to keep up with work, family, friends, and perhaps children. Not to mention all the things that just keep coming up -- taking the car to the mechanic, going to the dentist, or spending an afternoon at the DMV.

If you're stressed-out because you can't fit in any time for "networking," my advice to you is the following: Don't. That's right. Don't even try to squeeze in extra time. Instead, focus on meeting people more often during the things you already have to do. This way, you can relax and let that "networking time" come to you.

Before each of your daily activities, just ask yourself, "Could this be an opportunity to meet someone new?" That's what my friend Stever did when he used to work out at the Harvard Business School gym. And he got more clients for his coaching practice there than from anywhere else.