Needless to say, I was DISGUSTED by Michael's behavior last night. I totally wanted the Donald to give him the boot. His whole speech about the importance of rules was such as joke...did the Donald care about "the rules" when he fired TWO people last season? No! And the fact that he compared the show's rules to the SEC's rules was laughable. Does he really think the show is that important? It's reality TV, for heaven's sake! The Donald needs to get a hold of himself. His holier than thou routine is really starting to irk me.

Not to rattle on about Michael, but I really couldn't believe the way he acted last night. He was beyond immature. I don't even know why he's on the show. And I thought Danny handled him pretty well, considering. Sure, as George pointed out, he could have told Michael to take a hike, but I thought it was an OK strategy to give Michael menial tasks to keep him out of the way.

Like the Donald, I have a bit of a soft spot for Danny. I wouldn't mind having him as an employee, even though I'd ask him to leave the guitar at home. But, as a leader, he's weak at best. I still felt bad for him when he got fired, though. Michael should have been walking to the taxi last night. I hope he gets destroyed next week.

As for the task itself, I thought it was pretty lame. Same old tired Apprentice challenges aimed at selling commercials to some big corporation. I'm no marketing expert, but the "vote American" idea seemed almost as low rent as Danny's cardboard box in front of Burger King. At least the iPod giveway was a bit classier. But I guess it all came down to creating some corny idea to tie the promotion together. I wasn't impressed.

And I thought it was pretty lame that Magna shelled out almost $50,000 to hire an event planner, and lost anyway. I thought the whole point was that the actual team did the work, rather than farming it out. That doesn't make for interesting challenges. I think the Donald should put more emphasis on the profitability of each challenge, rather than "who makes the biggest splash." That's too subjective.

As for the individual players, I thought Stephanie was fine. There was no way the Donald was going to fire her. I like Erin and Bren, too, although Erin wasn't forceful enough to convince the Donald to fire Michael. I hope she's not going up against the SEC any time soon! Even though Angie, Net Worth's leader, came up with a lame idea, I like her spunk and enthusiasm. She really held it together, and wasn't afraid to take charge when her team started to lose focus.

I'm so sorry I missed the Verna breakdown last week! I heard that Carolyn was dispatched to console her and convince her to come back. I guess that didn't pan out too well! I can't imagine Carolyn the ice princess consoling anyone...except maybe her pal Bill Rancic. Still, that was pretty lame of Verna to quit. It's only a TV show, after all.

Well, apparently both teams are being brought into the boardroom next week. What about the rules, Donald? I doubt the SEC would have done that! Sorry, I know I'm beating a dead horse with that joke, but it's just too hard to resist. By the way, I'm looking forward to Martha Stewart's Apprentice, especially since she'll be under house arrest during the taping. How does everyone feel about that?