I always assumed that producing a commercial would be difficult. But last night's TV ads were totally pathetic, especially compared to the real Dove ad that premiered at the end of the show (which, by the way, was pretty shameless, even by Trump's standards). And, as I recall, last season's candidates created pretty decent commercials to promote the NYPD, again for Donny's firm. So there really is no excuse for last night's debacle.

Where do I even begin? Bren's cucumber idea was bizarre, to say the least. I must admit I had a few good chuckles watching the commercial, but I was laughing at Magna, not with them. The premise was totally ridiculous, and had nothing to do with soap. I don't have a moral issue with it, I just think it was way off the mark for a mainstream household product. I can't believe they went through with it! Even though Bren's idea was terrible, I still like him. I admired him for laying down the law with Michael when he returned from the boardroom early on in the episode. I also like his whole southern gentleman schtick. Overall, I think he's a strong player. Too bad nobody nixed his idea in the beginning.

I also like John very much. At first, I thought his idea sounded pretty good. But the execution was awful. Why the heck didn't the guy use water to wash off the soap? Because he didn't want to get his face wet and ruin his makup? That makes no sense! I blame it all on Kristen. Who cares if her boyfriend is a Hollywood director? If she was dating a neurosurgeon, would she perform brain surgery? The logic escapes me. Maybe I'm missing something, but Audrey doesn't seem all that bad. I haven't really seen her do anything great, but she hasn't screwed up majorly or acted like a jerk. Correct me if I'm wrong. It seemed like Kristen was just looking for a scapegoat. Boy, did that backfire! Audrey defended herself valiantly in the boardroom. And her hair is fabulous!

Michael didn't really redeem himself last night, but I thought Erin was smart to defend him, since they made her look like a valiant leader, a stark contrast to shrewish Kristen. And I really liked one of the points Trump made in the boardroom. Usually, I come away from the show without learning any business lessons. But I thought Trump was right on the money when he said that being a good leader involves handling bad employees, as well as good ones. That was a great observation.

Hopefully, the teams will rally next week during the trailer makeover challenge. I'm looking forward to it!