I must admit that I had serious reservations about the mobile casting call
idea. Still, I was happy that both teams didn't take the obvious path, i.e.,
the mobile spa. That would have made for a really boring episode. And I'm
also glad that the Donald didn't base another episode around some corporate
ad campaign...I don't think AirStream is rolling out a new trailer, although
that would be pretty great.

I'm so glad that Michael is gone. Yet again, he proved completely worthless.
The Donald's hair has more charisma! Erin hit the nail right on the head
when she said that Michael just doesn't have the drive to be the next
Apprentice. I can't believe he actually had the nerve to complain to George
about having to sell massages! Even after that, George seemed to defend him
the boardroom. I have no idea why George thought Stephanie was worse than
Michael. That seemed really unfair...I'm glad the Donald didn't follow
George's advice this time.

While I agree with the Donald's choice, I'm tired of him arbitrarily
criticizing people for their boardroom performances. When Erin defended her
teammates last week, the Donald praised her for being loyal. But when
Michael tried to defend Stephanie, the Donald attacked him. I wish he would
stick to people's performances during the task, instead of analyzing their
ability to manipulate their teammates in the boardroom.

Stephanie definitely has to shape up if she wants to stick around. I thought
it was crazy and obnoxious of Bren to ask her to deliver cheeseburgers to
Queens. Maybe Bren doesn't realize that we Northerners have restaurants that
do that. That said, Stephanie should have spoken up sooner, as Bren pointed
out in the boardroom. She could have simply told Bren it didn't make sense
logistically. Then, she could have found a cheeseburger place in Queens
online and have them deliver. Instead, she pouted like a baby. That's really
unattractive. She and Michael made some pair last night!

I guess Tana was an okay PM, but Tara really came through when she convinced
the casting agent to participate. Without a big name, Net Worth would have
been hard pressed to encourage anyone to fork over $25. The trailer looked
pretty fabulous, and I thought Net Worth worked together really well.

One thing that really surprised me last night was the lame marketing. Magna
should have advertised the mobile day spa on a website like Daily Candy. And
New Worth should have posted a listing at NYU and other acting schools. I
understand they didn't have a lot of time, but one person from each team
could have easily tackled that task.

I liked last night's special guest judge. She really gave it to Michael in
the boardroom. Hopefully Carolyn has another business trip coming up soon!
Next week's episode should be interesting. I can't wait to see a bunch of
lawyers painting a grafitti mural. Something tells me that "Street Smarts"
will have the edge yet again. I'm looking forward to it!