Last night's episode was a lot of fun. Once again, marketing seemed to be the main weakness on both teams. Tara blew it big time by assuming that she was perfectly in tune with the desires of 18 to 34 year-old urban males. I thought she had promise after she brought on that casting agent last week (although, as some people pointed out, she shouldn't have offered her $1,000 when she would have been happy with $500). But she was terrible last night.

In some respects, Tara was a decent leader. For instance, she managed the argument between Audrey and Craig pretty well. But she bulldozed her lame idea through without getting feedback from Sony and, most importantly, members of the target audience. Net Worth was headed in the same direction, until Alex asked those guys on the street to help out. But that seemed more like a fluke than a strategy. Until that point, he was floundering.

Tara's boardroom argument was pathetic. I can't believe she blamed Audrey and John for the loss because they supposedly didn't tell her that there were various scenes in the video game. The first thing she should have done was to get a copy of the game to try out, or check out it's description on Sony's website, or, at the very least, ask Audrey and John for their input. All she cared about was her "old and new" concept. That had nothing to do with selling a video game! Then, in the boadroom, she tried to remove herself from the idea, even though she took full credit for it during the presentation. I'm really glad Craig pointed that out. I'm also glad that Craig said Tara should be fired, despite his spat with Audrey. It was really bizarre for Craig to bring up that story about Audrey's lazy husband in the boardroom. What does that have to do with anything? Those two need to grow up.

The Magna mural was pretty unattractive, but it did have some things going for it. I've never played that game, but my co-worker Bobbie says it involves winning races to get more cash to upgrade your car, or buy a new one. And so the combination of the fist holding cash, the souped-up car, and the different scenes really got that point across. It was also brilliant to include the "E" for everyone rating. The Magna mural really conveyed a feel for the game, unlike Net Worth's bland community service announcement. It all came down to asking those guys on the street for advice. Both teams should have done that from the very start. Oh, and I hope somebody explains to Alex what "mad props" means. Something tells me Alex was in one too many school plays.

Last night's challenge didn't offer much insight into the candidates' abilities. I don't think Audrey is long for this world...she's too much of a whiner. And Stephanie is a spoiled brat, despite her little speech at the beginning of the show. And what about Kendra? Is she even on the show anymore? She's practically invisible. Apparently, somebody's supposed to have a major meltdown next week. My money's on Audrey or Stephanie. I can't wait!