I didn't realize that Audrey was so bad until last night. Her quest to make everyone on the team a leader was totally lame. While John's behavior wasn't exactly stellar, I kind of agreed with his semi-paranoid theory that Audrey was plotting to destroy him. The fact that she mentioned how angry she was that John was in the suite and she was in a cab at the end made it pretty clear that she was more concerned with her childish grudge than with being the next Apprentice. Her hatred of John was her undoing. I had high hopes for Audrey at the beginning of the episode, when she stepped up to the plate as project manager. But all she did was prove that she is immature, inept, and a weak link.

But first, how about that breakdown at the start of the show? At first, I felt bad for Audrey, when she revealed how she lost her parents as a teenager and lived in a car. But she lost me when she started saying how, as a teenager, she wanted to scar herself so she'd be less beautiful and so people would like her? If she was looking for symphathy, why didn't she just tell her classmates that she lived out of a car?

By the end of the episode, I began to wonder who was a bigger jerk: John or Audrey? While I agree that Audrey stinks, I didn't like the way John treated her. It was pretty creepy the way he kept mentioning Audrey's looks. He's definitely on my list.

In fact, I was pretty surprised at how the whole Street Smarts team collapsed during this task. Audrey's circus idea was terrible. John's marketing strategy was limp. Angie seemed lost. And Chris really blew it by chewing tobacco in his clown costume. That was embarrassing! It almost seemed like nobody cared about winning the challenge.

Magna, on the other hand, is beginning to look like the frontrunner. I liked the safari theme. It wasn't a very creative idea, but it worked. The kids liked the animals, and the golf course looked polished. Erin did a great job with the marketing. It was a great idea to develop exclusive agreements with the other vendors at the complex. I think Kendra was on the marketing team as well, although she never makes an impression on me for some reason. And Bren looked great in that safari helmet. The task came together really well. I'm not sure how much credit Stephanie deserves for that. She did come up with the idea and the design for the course, but she didn't necessarily showcase any stellar management skills.

Of course, I was shocked when Audrey brought Angie into the boardroom. What a backstabber. Angie's the only one who stuck up for Audrey during the challenge. I was pretty annoyed with the Donald for "breaking the rules" by allowing Audrey to bring three people into the boardroom. He's so arbitrary. Still, it made for a better boardroom showdown. And the Donald made up for it in the end when he said something like, "At least they won't say I hired her because she's beautiful." The Donald really knows how to deliver a line!

I'm glad they're going to blend the teams next week, because Net Worth is starting to irk me. I used to like Angie, until she became Audrey's best friend last night. She was really duped by the whole "living in a car" story. Craig and John are both obnoxious and smug. I like Chris, although that whole chewing tobacco thing was pathetic. And Tana is rather mediocre. On the other hand, I really like Bren and Erin from Magna. Stephanie's not my favorite...I don't think she'll make it to the end. Right now, I'm guessing that the final two candidates will be Erin and Bren. But I might change my mind during the next few weeks!