What a week for Martha Stewart. While Worldcom's Bernie Ebbers claimed that he knew so little about the operations of his company that he shouldn't go to jail for alleged wrongdoing there, Martha rode a wave of positive publicity from the gates of her West Virginia prison back to the corner office. Along the way, she's managed to spawn another best-selling product—though not of her own making. Lion Brand Yarn, which Inc. contributing editor Adam Hanft profiled for both Inc. magazine and Inc.com , announced this week that it was rolling out a pattern for Martha's get-out-of-jail crocheted poncho. The company says on its website that it was inundated with requests for a Martha-inspired pattern. No word yet on whether Martha Stewart Omnimedia will roll out its own version of the garment, which was reportedly made by another inmate as a going-away present. Meanwhile, check back in a few days to see why Inc. named Stewart to its list of 26 Entrepreneurs We Love, which appears in our April issue.