I've never been a huge Craig fan, but he did a great job last night. Not only did he come up with a brilliant idea for the workshop, but he also had the guts to stick to the plan despite his team's complaints. Kudos to Kendra for admitting that Craig was the only team member who deserved the reward. By the way, that was, by far, the coolest prize ever on the Apprentice. I was especially excited about it because Burt Rutan, Inc.'s Entrepreneur of the Year, just gave a speech about his space project at the Inc. 500 conference in Tucson last week. It was amazing. I was so jealous last night. I want to fly, too!

Back to the challenge. Craig was really impressive. I liked the way he eventually managed to get his teammates on board despite their lack of enthusiasm about "the box." His first performance as PM was reminiscent of Andy's marketing coup during last season's Apprentice. My only problem with Craig was that corny bit in the beginning of the show...I can't imagine having a group prayer session at work. That was completely inappropriate.

Speaking of inappropriate, Erin really bombed out last night. I'm so glad she got fired. During the first episode or two, I liked her spunk. But then I realized that's all there was to Erin. I don't know how the heck she made it through law school, but I wouldn't be surprised if she was the inspiration for Reese Witherspoon's ditzy character in Legally Blond. At least that woman was a lot more likable. Erin, on the other hand, acted like a nasty brat last night. I don't blame Angie for being totally disgusted by her "I don't know how to use a tool" routine. I was particularly appalled when Erin made that crack about how, as a former beauty queen, she knew about crowns, not crown molding. That was pathetic. But even worse was her behavior in the boardroom. I'm glad Caroline reprimanded her for attacking Chris for his coarse language and tobacco chewing. I agree that Chris needs to quit chewing, but I really despised Erin for thinking she could rely on fancy legal tactics to save herself. I knew she was doomed when the Donald admitted to cursing sometimes. Erin should have realized that the Donald isn't the most polished millionaire in town. And what was up with her incessant winking? Did she really think the Donald would fall for that? The whole scene was embarrassing.

It should be interesting to see how the team's handle next week's pizza challenge. Right now, my money's still on Kendra as the next Apprentice. Let's hope the next challenge isn't another shill for some big corporation! By the way, did anyone catch the premiere of the American version of "The Office" last night? I'm a big fan of the original British series, and I was hoping this one would be as good. But it's totally unoriginal. They just recycled the same characters and plot lines. Lame!