Last night's decision was really tough. On one hand, I can't stand Stephanie. She's a rookie when it comes to leadership, with a condescending attitude to boot. On the other hand, Chris is a total lunatic. He needs an anger management class stat. That face he makes in the boardroom is ridiculous. And his pointing habit is so rude! I did think that Alex exaggerated the "physical threat," but there's no denying that Chris is a timebomb waiting to explode.

Still, if Stephanie was smart, she would have stopped emphasizing Chris's penchant for foul language and rough behavior. Last week, the Donald admitted to cursing, even during business meetings. So why the heck would Stephanie continue to use that as a reason for firing Chris? She doesn't know how to play the Donald's game. It was also foolish of her to say that she's not used to working in a volatile environment. Her bio says she's a supply chain consultant...I'm sure there are plenty of opportunities for conflict in that line of work! Or, for that matter, in any business. What a wimp. My favorite moment in the boardroom was when Alex said he'd rather work with a crazy person than with Stephanie. That was great!

Last night's boardroom battle was pretty entertaining, but the task was lame. First of all, the Donald blew it by mentioning he loves meatballs at the beginning of the task. Obviously, the teams would be morons if they chose anything but meatball pizza. Even so, Bren seemed pretty deadset on the gross-sounding barbecue chicken pizza. Luckily, Tana chimed in with her idea. What a coincidence that her grandmother and the Donald both love meatballs!

Besides picking the pizza topping, which was a giveaway, the only busines decisions the teams made involvoed picking the pizza name and developing a marketing strategy. I couldn't figure out if they picked the locations as well. If so, Stephanie's team made a mistake by targeting the Union Square area, specifically the NYU dorms. As George pointed out, students are at class during the day, not sitting in their bedrooms. Besides, most college kids are broke. And Union Square has plenty of pizza places that are way better than Domino's...and probably less expensive.

Midtown, however, was a great location. It was smart of Tana and Kendra to market the pizza to companies. Kendra's shaping up to be a real marketing powerhouse. Overall, the team worked well under Bren's leadership, although I don't know how much he actually did to foster teamwork. The group seems to work well together pretty effortlessly, except for Craig's occasional naughty behavior.

The death knell rang for Stephanie when she went all the way to Brooklyn to deliver the pizzas. She should have had someone else do that so she could keep an eye on the mobile unit, not to mention Chris and Alex. That was a huge error. And it seemed insincere...did she really care about the construction workers, or was she trying to win bonus points in the boardroom? It also annoyed me that she acted so clueless about taking the subway. I couldn't believe that she's already spent at least a couple of months in NYC, and still hasn't set foot underground. She probably thinks it's beneath her.

Any doubt about the Donald's decision to fire Miss Priss vanished after Stephanie's obnoxious comments in the farewell cab ride. It was so typical of her to say that the high school grads were vulgar and disloyal. Enough with the "clutch the pearls" routine already!

Next week's fashion challenge should be more interesting. One can only hope. I can't wait to see which candidate unravels. Let's see...who could it be? Chris, perhaps? As of now, my money's still on Kendra and Tana for the final two. I was a little surprised when Alex, Kendra, and Bren formed an alliance against Craig and Tana in the beginning of the show. I guess that's blown now that Alex is on the other team. So it's anyone's game!