Wow! Angie really blew it last night. What a choker. I've always liked her on a personal level, but there's no disputing that she was a six-time loser. Tana, on the other hand, did a great job once again. She put the kabash on Craig and Kendra's bickering before it got out of hand, and she even kept her cool when the guys came back from the silk screener with shoddy merchandise. As a leader, she's both likeable and authorotative, which is a tough combination to pull off.

Even though the challenge was yet another shill for corporate America, it was pretty interesting. Obviously, it was wise of Tana and Kendra to survey teens before coming up with design ideas. That helped them figure out that cell phones are the number one gadget for teens, which seemed to really matter to the store execs. That was huge.

Angie's team, on the other hand, totally missed the mark by focusing on iPods and laptops. Sure, iPods are popular, but I don't know one teen who doesn't have a cell phone. And what was up with that laptop sweatshirt? It reminded me of this crazy coat/backpack that I wore in the third grade. I thought it was pretty cool at the time, but now I wouldn't be caught dead with a big hump on my back. That idea was ridiculous, especially compared to Tana's cute little cell phone holsters. Net Worth's branding was way off, too. Why would they call their line Beach Tech? Who the heck brings a laptop to the beach? There was a big disconnect there. The Wearable Tech name was much better, with a broader appeal.

Angie's biggest mistake was taking on too much. When she got a gander at that whiteboard, she should have delegated some of her tasks to Alex and Chris. Maybe she's a micromanager and figured she could do a better job. Instead, she wound up having a breakdown and completely blowing the presentation. That was totally unbelievable. I felt bad for her, but she deserved to be fired after that. Yes, Chris screwed up big time by losing the credit card, but it was definitely Angie's fault that her team lost.

Angie seemed pretty shocked that she was fired instead of Chris. Something tells me he'll be the next to go. He's terrible, even when he's not chewing tobacco and swearing. After last night, I'm reevaluating my forecast. I used to think Kendra had a chance against Tana, but now I'm not so sure. I think it's going to be Tana all the way. I guess we'll find out soon enough!