Now I'm really convinced that Chris needs professional help. Last week, he was arrested for freaking out at a casino after being asked to pay a $20 cover charge. Then, last night, he cried in the boardroom. He's on emotional overload all the time. But being "angry man" wasn't his problem in this week's episode. He just stunk.

Up until this point, everyone, including the Donald, seemed to think that if Chris could control his temper, he'd be great. But he wasn't. Net Worth's brochure was totally amateurish. It looked more like an instruction manual than a promotional brochure. The pictures were terrible. There was no concept. And Chris's presentation was even worse than Angie's flop last week! I almost fell off the couch when he called the Solstice the "Solster Roadster." The car executives looked disgusted.

Of course, all the blame can't be laid on Chris. Alex blew the interior photos when he neglected to get close-ups of the logo and the tires. I couldn't really get a feel for Bren's writing, but I'm not that surprised that it was dull. No offense to lawyers, but I've read some legal briefs and they're not exactly scintillating!

As for Net Worth, I'm pretty disgusted with all three team members. Sure, Kendra produced a great brochure. After all her bravado, she's lucky she came through with a great product. Part of me empathized with her plight. She wanted to pull an all-nighter, and Craig and Tana were whining like tired babies. That may be partly Kendra's fault. If she was a more charismatic leader, maybe she could have inspired them to press on. But something tells me that Craig and Tana were up to something. They might have figured that Chris was no match for Kendra in this challenge. So why not leave all the work to her, and ride her coattails to victory? I thought Tana was a better person than that, but this show doesn't tend to attract the purest souls.

Nevertheless, Kendra's behavior was babyish. When Craig said there was no concept for the brochure, Kendra didn't explain it again. She just got exasperated. That's not a good sign. Despite the great job she did on the brochure, I doubt she has what it take's to head one of the Donald's companies.

I felt bad for Bren in the boardroom. He seems like a nice person, but his performance has been mediocre, especially compared to Tana's. Still, the deck was stacked against him last night. He tried his best, and stayed up all night. He just didn't have the right writing style. Alex is more of a slacker. He peaked during the grafitti mural episode. It's been downhill since then. There's no way he'll make it to the final two.

One thing I still don't get is why the Donald has so much sympathy for Chris. I'll admit that it was sweet when he told Chris to come over for a goodbye handshake after firing him. But I don't think Chris is a very nice person, especially after the whole casino incident. Let's just say I'm glad I don't work with him.

Well, my money's still on Tana, despite her slacker behavior last night. It'll be nice to see a woman win for once. If any of the lame guys win, I'll be really annoyed with Mr. T.