With the announcement of the entire list just a day away, Inc.com shares one more honoree from this year's Inner City 100 list.

Today's Inner City 100 company...

American Christmas Decorations
New York City
Revenue: $4.3 million
Employees: 91
If you've been to New York City during the holidays, you've probably seen Fred Schwam's handiwork. Each Christmas season, Schwam’s South Bronx company decks out Radio City Music Hall, Macy's, and dozens of Midtown skyscrapers with everything from Christmas trees to giant nutcracker dolls. Rather than diversify into, say, Fourth of July decorations, Schwam continues to expand his Christmas business. Last year, he began selling predesigned do-it-yourself holiday kits to national retailers such as Banana Republic and Nine West. One place Schwam doesn't decorate for Christmas is his own house--he's Jewish.