I can't stand Craig. And it really annoys me that Tana keeps her mouth shut during his arguments with Kendra. He was totally out of line last night. I realize she and Craig have some kind of "street smarts" alliance, but come on.

Craig had nothing to do with his team's victory last night. Anyone could have played the disorganized desk jockey during the presentation. During the important part, the market research, he wandered off to play with office furniture. Then he had the nerve to treat Kendra like an idiot, when she and Tana came up with the winning idea in the first place!

Obviously, Alex and Bren blew it by not meeting with the Staples team. Alex said they were just the judges, not the customers, which doesn't make any sense. Weren't the products being designed for Staples, after all? Duh. And it amazes me that they didn't think to do market research with customers at a Staples store. Geez. They really blew it. If they had met with the Staples execs, they would have figured out that the store was interested in a simple idea, like the padlock with a combination based on numbers rather than words.

Instead, they went crazy designing a big piece of furniture to supposedly cut down on clutter. I don't know what kind of offices they've been working in, but my cubicle would be pretty crowded if I wheeled that thing in. And the fact that the drawers didn't slide out was totally absurd. What a disaster.

So it's all come down to Tana and Craig (street smarts) versus Kendra and Alex (book smarts). I'm guessing that Alex will be the next to go. The only reason he didn't get the boot last night is that he argued more skillfully than Bren. The Donald seemed particularly impressed by the fact that Alex had studied in Israel. I felt kind of bad for Bren. But it seemed like he had enough of the Apprentice. He said as much in the cab ride confession.

I'm looking forward to the final showdown. I still think Tana has the best chance to win. Kendra has potential, but she needs to grow up. Enough with the pouty face! If it comes down to Craig and Tana on the final task, he'll never be able to hack it. He's been riding on her coattails for a while now. If he wins, I'll be really disappointed. I guess we'll find out soon enough!