Tana really blew it. She's usually great at marketing, but, last night, all she cared about was the BeDazzler. Of course, the BeDazzler is pretty fabulous, but having rhinestones on the T-shirts wasn't going to make or break the task. The marketing was going to be the deciding factor, as it is with most of the Apprentice challenges. Is Tana downward spiraling?

I've never been an Alex fan, but he was pretty entertaining last night. I liked his whole "I have nothing to lose" attitude in the beginning. It was also devilish of him to steal Tana from the other team, leaving Kendra and Craig to duke it out. But he didn't take any risks during the actual task. In fact, he was pretty useless. He should have just come up with a good marketing plan, instead of waiting for Tana to talk to him about. I think he was just hoping she would crash and burn so the Donald would fire her, but that was highly unlikely. Alex has lost so many challenges, he's just lucky he lasted this long.

Now I'm really torn about who's going to win. I have a really bad feeling that it might be Craig, even though I think he would be an absolutely horrible boss, especially if he's managing women, for whom he seems to have no respect. I have a thing or two to tell him if I go to the finale party again this year! Kendra has good ideas and she's an okay leader, but the whole war with Craig has really dragged her down. As someone mentioned last week, she doesn't really respond to him the right way. She just gets all pouty and makes that dumb face. I don't think she's mature enough to run one of the Donald's companies.

Tana really made herself look dinky last night. The Donald doesn't want some artsy-craftsy rhinestone fanatic running a major construction project. But I still think Tana's the best candidate. She just has to tone down the BeDazzler stuff a bit. And I don't think she's as nice as Carolyn and the Donald seem to think. She seems like a good person, but she's a strong leader and doesn't have a problem putting people in their place.

I'm starting to think this is a pretty sexist show. I could tell last night that the Donald was laying the groundwork for Tana to be fired. Maybe I was in denial before. Am I being overly sensitive? Next week's interviews should be really interesting. I think Tana can prevail if she acts a bit more serious--but not too serious. After all, part of her charm is her fun personality. I'd love to see Craig get a female interviewer. Let's see if he talks down to her! I guess we'll find out next week.