I really wasn't sure how the interviews would pan out last night. But I'm pretty pleased with the results. I was worried about Kendra when I saw the way she was dressed. I'm all for stylish interview attire, but Kendra's short skirt and glittery eye shadow made her look cheap. Tana and Craig looked fine, but boy did Craig blow it! What a fool. The interviewers were right on when they said that Craig talked a lot, but didn't really say anything meaningful. I thought it was weird when that one guy said that he kept wanting to hire Craig. Why? Because he was the only man? That was bizarre.

I agreed with some of the assessments made by the interviewers. Kendra is a bit immature, but she's malleable, which could be a good thing for Trump. Craig is too flighty, and can't seem to settle down (not to mention that he's full of it). But I still don't get why people don't think Tana can't hack it in a big city. That seems pretty biased. Not everyone mogul is born in New York, LA, or Chicago. In fact, Kendra seems a little too hardened for my liking. Her personality can be pretty caustic, which could turn people off during negotiations. I guess she could tone that down, though.

I'm glad the ax fell early in the episode. Craig had to go! And I was pretty amused when the former candidates walked into the boardroom. What a motley crew! I wonder if they realized they were chosen because they're the most difficult people to handle. I guess they had no choice but to go along with it. The challenge itself is boring...it's the same type of thing every season finale. Let's come up with a new idea, Donald!

Still, last night's episode was pretty entertaining. Danny really spazzed out during the presentation to the clients. Why didn't someone just grab Kendra right away? That was a big mistake. Erin should have stepped in to stop that train wreck. I really have no idea how Danny makes it in the real world. Maybe he chokes when he's on camera. Luckily, Kendra stepped in and saved the day. Although she really blew it with Sony. I couldn't figure out who promised Electronic Arts exclusivity in the ballroom, but that was a really bad idea. I have a feeling Kendra had no control over that...she was just handed the contract after it was already negotiated. It should be interesting to see how she handles that. I don't blame the Sony sponsor for being livid.

Tana didn't seem to know what the heck she was doing. When she met with the people from NYC 2012, she didn't have any firm ideas. She just kept saying that the event should be "olympic." Maybe it was just the editing, but Kendra seems to have a much better grasp on her event.

I'm happy with the final two this season. I really think Kendra and Tana are the best of this bunch, flaws and all. And the finale should be much better this season. I heard that it's only going to be one hour...I guess the Donald learns from his mistakes, too!