Tana used to be my favorite. I don't know what I was thinking! Her biggest problem is her ego. I can't believe she let Governor Pataki wait for her out in the hall. Doesn't she knows that Pataki's kind of busy? She treated her team with even less respect. She was so condescending and nasty. Sure, she didn't have the best team ever, but they seemed to be trying their best. The one big mistake--and it was huge--was Kristen's program, which was filled with information on how to "handle" the athletes. She's either a complete idiot or she was trying to sabotage Tana.

I wouldn't really blame Kristen if she was trying to ruin Tana's chances. Tana inspired zero loyalty. I was pretty shocked when she made a fist and told one of the event staffers that she wanted to punch someone. Then she went around telling people she was the next apprentice. She was out of control!

Kendra, on the other hand, did a great job. She wasn't perfect--that initial meeting with the sponsors was a potential disaster, and she did snipe at Brian a couple of times. But, as some people predicted last week, she figured out a way to make Sony happy, and the whole event was great. For the most part, she was a great leader. This is the first time she's shown that she can rally a group around her. It was really inspiring. I admit that I got a little misty-eyed during the group hug at the end!

The Tana v. Kendra match-up emphasized the importance of being a firm, yet benevolent leader. Last night's episode reminded me of a nature show I watched on PBS last week. The show was about a group of gorillas that chose a different leader every couple of weeks. At first, they had a nice leader who treated them well, but then a nasty dictator came along. After two weeks, the gorillas got rid of him and elected the nice guy again. Last night, Tana was the mean gorilla, and it's going to cost her the apprenticeship. The look on her face when her team walked into the boardroom at the end said it all. I guess we'll find out next week!