I wasn't shocked that Kendra was hired last night. But I was surprised at how bad Tana wound up looking. I was talking to Nick (season one) at the finale party at Planet Hollywood last night, and he had an interesting idea: Since it was obvious that Kendra was going to be hired, Tana should have quit during the finale to save face, saying she wanted to get back to her family. She could have made a big splash that way. Instead, she seemed desperate, especially when she started pumping her fist and yelling about the shape of the Pontiac brochure. What the heck?

Kendra, on the other hand, seemed composed and dignified. Of course, that wasn't too hard, considering she knew she had it nailed. I felt kind of bad for Tana at the party. At one point, she was sitting with her back to the room as a big overhead TV replayed Kendra's shining moment. Tana seemed pretty rattled. I asked her what she plans to do next, and she said she's working on two new children's books and will continue selling for Mary Kay.

Last night it became clear that there was no love lost between Tana and her former castmates, with the exception of Craig. For instance, Angie, who's now doing a cabaret act and hopes to score a role in the Apprentice musical, says that she had always known about Tana's egotistical side. Up until the last couple of weeks, she says, the show only portrayed Tana as the good girl, but the truth eventually came out. Audrey, who signed with the William Morris Agency and claims to be taking acting lessons with Nicole Kidman's coach, says that Tana was phony. Audrey doesn't have any acting gigs lined up, but she says her agents are going to serve her up "on a silver platter." Huh?

Bren's wife Holly seemed relieved that he didn't become the next Apprentice. She says he wanted to leave the show when he did, but that he thought he did a great job. I noticed that Raj's bowtie was undone last night...maybe he felt goofy next to Bren? Craig's about to franchise his shoe shine business. Last night, he implied that the Donald wanted a woman to win all along. I asked him why he thought he got fired, and he said he had no idea. Hmmm...I do!

Some other sightings in the fourth floor lounge: Kelly (season two winner) yelling across the bar and throwing a wadded up napkin at Chris (season two). Sandy dirty dancing with her date. John (season three) trying to find his girlfriend. And the Donald showing up briefly (sans WTC towers) before shuffling back on the elevator. Bobbie and I also ran into Danny. He and Angie seemed like the most down-to-earth candidates this season. He's still running his marketing agency, and he told me to invite everyone on the blog to his Apprentice cast party tonight at Webster Hall (125 East 11 Street). It starts at 11:30 PM.

Downstairs, Omarosa stole the show when she grabbed the microphone and started dancing on the DJ booth. She held court all night, leading everyone in the electric slide and posing for photos. Near the Apprentice ice sculpture, a woman's sweater caught fire. And Bill lingered near the doorway, looking rather sheepish. Maybe winning the Apprentice isn't all it's cracked up to be?

Around 1 AM, partygoers started to leave. Bobbie and I waited for our cars on Broadway as the candidates took off one last time in yellow cabs. I wonder what the Donald will come up with next? Will the Martha help revive the Apprentice franchise? I guess we'll find out this fall.