I wasn't surprised to hear that business owners were likely to take at least a week off this summer to recharge their batteries, which a recent AmEx survey noted. Sixty-seven percent said they were due for a little R&R. And I mean real R&R -- they also plan to keep contact with the mothership to a minimum while at the beach.

What did surprise me, however, were the results of a recent vacation poll on Inc.com. When asked how many weeks of vacation you take a year, 49% of you responded with four weeks or more. Yes, four -- weeks -- or -- more.

What happened to the days of the 24-7 workweek that many business owners would subject themselves to? Owners frequently have stories of doing deals on cell phones at the dinner table, rushing back to the office at 2 a.m. to "finalize" big proposals, missing dance recitals because they felt the need to be at a client's office during negotiations. Business ownership is hard -- and in many instances all-consuming, so I had to be surprised at the number of days you take for vacation each year.

My guess is that today's entrepreneurs are hitting stride in the area of work/life balance. It's no secret that a healthy lifestyle can help beget a healthy business. You think more clearly, are more relaxed. More important, you have fewer regrets. You're not missing the recital or interrupting your 7 year old's story at the dinner table to take a call. You're placing value on keeping your life outside of work just as successful as the one you have in your office. You're taking time off, and a lot of it.

In short, kudos to you. I'm glad to see so many of you are enjoying the fruits of your labor -- and realizing that taking time off isn't just something your employees do.