Tonight, the sports universe takes in a lazy humid evening and turns its eyes on Detroit, and the 2005 All-Star game. Some 40,000 fans will descend on Comerica Park, the five-year-old park featuring a carousel, ferris wheel and some ferocious tigers. And Pudge Rodriguez. It should be a great night in Motown, even the Tigers are hovering around .500 after narrowly avoiding the dubious honor of worst squad in baseball history in 2003.

And let's not forget, Detroit tied for the most companies on the 2005 Inner City 100 list.

The question remains though, are things happening in Detroit? That's what Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick told me on more than one occasion, but it seems his constituents aren't buying it.

For tonight though, the midsummer classic is just what the Mayor ordered, a chance to take some baseball, peanuts and cracker jacks. It's up to the voters to see if he ever comes back.