If you're a business traveler who flies coach, you might want to pack an extra pillow and portable heating pad before your next flight. In today's NY Times, Christopher Elliot bemoans how uncomfortable airplane seating has become. Besides the perennial complaint about inadequate legroom, biz travelers like Richard Wong, whom Elliot quotes, are taking issue with the stale cabin air and disappearing amenities, like pillows. On the top of the complaint list, however, is the fact that the seat cushions on many airliners are just plain worn out.

We hear little about the "squishy-seat scandal" (registration required) because it's overshadowed by the more legroom mantra, says Elliott, but it's becoming a bigger issue, as older seats are being left for use until they are literally falling apart. Have you been a flight lately where the seats were coming apart at the seams? How do you make an economy class flight more comfortable?