Hillary Johnson writes in the August 2005 issue of Inc. that some of the smartest people she's met, she's met by reading their weblogs. As a complement to her list of regular reads, the Inc. and Inc.com staff thought we'd share our own list with Fresh Inc. readers.

What's new in the world of branding? AdPulp covers the good -- and the bad -- of branding in the advertising world.

Gary Becker, professor of Economics and Sociology and Nobel Prize winner for economics, and Richard Posner, a professor at the University of Chicago Law School, consider the economic consequences of social and political happenings.

Blogdex offers an easy to browse list of the hottest links to other blogs on a daily basis. Topics range from Bush to business to sites that compile silly photographs. No matter what, it's always surprising.

Bnoopy: An Entrepreneurship Blog
Started in September of 2004, Bnoopy has chronicled the career of an experienced entrepreneur. Whether offering suggestions on what questions to ask a potential employee during an interview or recommending books on business, Bnoopy's suggestions are usually wise and highly detailed.

Dan Bricklin
Dan Bricklin, the godfather of business software and inventor of electronic spreadsheets, shares his thoughts and knowledge on the computer industry, making websites, the PC industry, and more technology-related topics.