We've decided to push our official opening date back a couple weeks. As you might remember from our first Diary of a Start-Up post, our goal was to be open on or around September 2nd. We may have missed that deadline, but we're still pretty darn close. I won't announce the official opening date today, since we haven't made it public yet, but I can tell you it's in September and it's NOT on a weekend.

The main reason we've had to postpone our opening is because we've been doing all the work ourselves. Had money not been an issue, we could've afforded to hire a painter to work alongside a floor refinisher to work alongside our projection installer, and on and on and on, but our funding is tight so we've opted to do most of the work ourselves. The obvious downside being that we can only tackle one big job at a time, but by focusing all our efforts on one particular aspect (e.g. painting, installing the chairs, cleaning the restrooms), we can assure the workmanship is up to our standards.

Having said that, I'd also like to recognize all the great help we've received from our families. My parents have been working at the theater nearly every single night for the last three months. It's also not unusual to see numerous aunts, uncles and cousins dropping by during the weekend to lend a hand. We're lucky to have such supportive, and incredibly handy, families. Without their help, both financially and constructionally (that's not a real word, by the way), we'd be pushing our opening date back a lot further than just a couple weeks. Thanks guys!

So, what do we have left to finish? Well, the auditorium is 95% finished. The screen is up, the vintage chairs (all 75 of them) are bolted in, the acoustical drop ceiling has been installed, and the floors are cleaned and sealed. The only thing left is to stain and hang the doors. Elsewhere, the projection booth is completely finished, the 35mm projector is up and running, and the hallways are done (save a few panels of original Walnut woodwork that need to be refinished). Our last big projects are to finish the restrooms (about three days work) and the concession area (about four days work).

Once all the renovation is finished, Nicole and I will need to switch back over to administrative mode and make sure we have all of our legal ducks in a row...which is something we'll have to discuss at a later time. Until then, go Moxie GO!

Diary of a Startup is a weekly blog written by Dan and Nicole Chilton, who are currently starting up an art-house theater in Springfield, Missouri. Dan has been chronicling their progress for more than a year atThe Moxie Blog.