I wasn't blown away by last night's premiere. Martha was too stiff, and she didn't add enough of her own flair to the show. Her daughter was a mute, and the other helper needs to put down that cigar. I did like the corny "Dear Jeff" letter at the end. That was a nice touch, especially considering that most rejected job applicants don't even get a phone call, never mind a hand-written note. The other "new stuff" was lame. I never realized there was such a huge difference between a board room and a conference room. Who cares? And Martha's signature saying, "You just don't fit in," is weak.

That said, there is some potential for some entertaining story lines. First of all, Dawn is a disaster. She obviously can't handle pressure. I can't believe she gave up on writing the book just because it was too noisy in the room. Get some headphones! Besides, she seems like a nasty person. And what's the story with Jim? I was shocked in the beginning when he said something like, "She's not going to control me, I'm going to control her. Get it straight!" I wouldn't want to be left alone in the conference room with him.

As for Jeff, he was a terrible project manager. I can't believe he told his team to shut up. That's inexcusable behavior for a leader. When his team members expressed doubt about the direction the story was going in, he became defensive and shut them out. But they were right. Matchstick's new take on Hansel and Gretl was disturbing. Few parents would want their kids reading a book about changing their names and running away.

At first, I had low expectations for the "corporate" team. The name they chose is terrible. Primarius? It sounds like the name of a Star Wars character. But they did a great job with their task. I like the fact that they chose a story about magic, given the whole Harry Potter craze, and that they put their own spin on it. I just hope the creative team doesn't go the way of the streets smart team on the last season of the Apprentice.

Hopefully Martha will loosen up a bit as the season progresses. If she does, her show could be interesting. So far, though, my money's still on the Donald.