After Martha's tepid premiere on Wednesday (which, by the way, attracted an abysmal 7.7 million viewers), the Donald was a breath of fresh air. In typical fashion, he kicked off the season by taking a totally unnecessary helicopter ride from New York to his golf course in New Jersey, which, of course, is the best golf course ever, at least according to him.

The contestants seem much more talented this year, with a few blaringly obvious and thoroughly entertaining exceptions. First off, Markus is such a bag of wind that I can't believe he made it through the application process. I almost died as he went on and on to Donald over the phone, telling him about how he had rallied the team together so valiantly. The Donald's facial expressions were priceless. I like the new twist regarding the exemptions...there was no way Markus deserved credit for his team's victory.

The guys definitely had a better strategy for attracting people to the workout classes. The gym can be intimidating, so it was wise to focus on getting current members to sign up. The guys also seemed more organized, with sign-up sheets, a good system for collecting money upfront, and regular announcements on the gym's PA system. The women, on the other hand, blew it with the offensive XXX flyers and the lame on-the-streets marketing campaign. Haven't they learned from past episodes that simply handing out flyers to passers by rarely works?

Kristi was no great shakes as a project manager. Her team was completely disorganized. They were smart to do market research at the gym, but then all they did was bicker about the results. Kristi had a hard time taking control of the chaos. Apparently, she's a top sales exec at some fancy golf course, so maybe she's not accustomed to leading a team. That said, Melissa was clearly the reason why her team lost. She was totally disruptive, self-centered, and abrasive. Oh, and stupid. Why the heck did she tell Carolyn that she can't work with women? Thank goodness she's gone.

Everyone complains about what a jerk the Donald is, but I thought it was really sweet when he told Randal that he would understand if he wanted to quit the show since his grandmother died. Then he offered to loan the Trump helicopter to Randal so he could fly to Philadelplhia for the funeral. That was nice. Randal seems like a good guy. He also has more degrees than a thermometer. He could be a contender.

I'll be surprised if Markus lasts another week. He's unbearable. I also hope the challenges get more interesting, as the Donald promised in the teaser at the end of last night's episode. I can't stand three more months of lame Planet Hollywood-type tasks. I guess we'll find out soon enough.