I must say Martha redeemed herself quite a bit this week. She really came out of her shell in the conference room. And I agreed with her decision.

Yes, Jim and Dawn deserve to be fired as well (more on them later). But Martha had no choice but to fire Chuck. I was really disappointed in his behavior. His team was out of control, and he simply folded. It was shocking. At least he realized that he's not cut out to be a leader. I'm sure he'd be able to handle a more mature team, like Primarius, but when you're a manager, you don't always have the luxury of working exclusively with top performers....especially if you don't own the company and can't make hiring and firing decisions.

Speaking of management challenges, Jim is totally insane. He's so off the wall that it seems like he may be a plant intended to make the show more dramatic. So far, it's working. I love watching Jim's crazy faces in the boardroom. And his lame, obvious attempt to sweet talk Chuck into ganging up on Dawn was embarrassing and cheesy. Did he really expect Chuck to buy those phony compliments? I don't think he's long for this world.

Dawn, meanwhile, isn't much better. She has a terrible attitude and terrible ideas. She thought that hiring the trampy Dutch maids was a great idea, but I knew right away that Martha would hate that idea. Maybe the Donald would have gotten a kick out of it, but not Martha. Matchstick should have realized that. At any rate, Dawn has a toxic personality and, so far, she seems talentless. I'm not impressed.

At first, I thought Primarius' idea was too complicated to work. And it almost didn't. Thank goodness Howie convinced the team to lower their prices. I'm glad he didn't let that "celebrity" florist push him around. I've never even heard of that guy, so why was Primarius giving him so much power? I'm glad Howie stepped in. I really like him so far. Nobody else on that team really stands out, but, as a whole, they seem destined to come out on top every week. They work exceptionally well together.

As I mentioned earlier, I found Martha's conference room speech to be rather inspirational. She seems like a great leader. I loved when she told Bethenny that business women never cry. Yes, Martha! That was great. Maybe her speech was just what Matchstick needed to get it together. I guess we'll find out next week...