Shawn really blew it last night. Didn't she learn anything from Bradley's big screw up with the Donald last season? I couldn't believe she actually told Charlie she would take the fall if her team lost the wedding cake task. Her "fake it til you make it" strategy made absolutely no sense, considering the winner of the task would be determined by sales numbers, which can't be faked. I agreed with Martha when she said that stupid statements like that can really ruin a business person.

Besides, Shawn was the one who called Sylvia Weinstock for cake advice. I'm a big fan of Sylvia Weinstock. In fact, we ran a story about her in Inc. But she clearly serves a niche audience of high-end customers who are looking for unconventonal cakes. Primarius made the right (and obvious) move by simply checking out Martha's site and putting a slightly different spin on a traditional style. Even though Marcela made the decision to go with an oval, off-center design, the thing that really sunk Matchstick was the pink bow, and that was Shawn's idea. And it seemed like Bethenny was trying to do most of the selling at the expo, even though she was on the design team. I thought Shawn's TV-personality charm would help her land at least one sale.

Even though Howie's team won, he was a poor leader. The way he blew up at Sarah about the presentation platter was totally unacceptable. He was scary! I wouldn't want someone with such a short fuse working for me. Sorry, Howie! Ryan, on the other hand, seems very calm under pressure. That definitely helped him make sales. Nobody wants to buy a product from a stressed-out, desperate salesperson like Bethenny, who seemed like she was about to have a nervous breakdown.

Did anyone else think that Jim is a weirdo for not going home to be with his wife as she gave birth to their child? I thought that was pretty odd. To Jim's credit, he did seem to be less out of control last night, although he didn't add much to the task. The same goes for Dawn. I still don't think she has what it takes to win, but at least she wasn't a distraction last night. Martha made it pretty clear that she's interested in firing people who contributed directly to the loss. I thought it was great that she called the sales team back down to the conference room after David let them off the hook.

So far, I like this show better than the Donald's Apprentice. The tasks are refreshingly different, and I like Martha's attitude. That said, I can't stand her sidekicks. Charlie's cigar really annoys me. And what's the deal with Alexis? She seems really spacey and she acts like a spoiled teenager, complaining about how Martha yelled at her for making a mess when she tried to bake a cake. This isn't the appropriate forum for those issues, although it is interesting. I wonder if Martha will reign her in at some point? I hope not...