I don't agree with the Donald's decision to fire Jennifer W. last night. Yes, she did a terrible job with the event. The food seemed lame and the room was totally bland. I had to laugh when she started blubbering about how much her grandmother likes cookies and cake, and how she even bought sugar-free cookies for the diabetics. She was really pathetic. That said, I think she was dumped with too much responsibility. Rebecca should have taken a more active role in decorating the room.

Either Rebecca or Toral should have gotten the boot. Toral was inexcusably clueless. Why didn't she read the directions for the HDTV? If she knew she couldn't handle that task, she should have given it to someone else. Jennifer M.'s flirty behavior was embarrassing, too. I almost died when she started doing push-ups in front of one of the male senior citizens. Has she no shame?

The guys, on the other hand, did a great job. I like how they emphasized technology as a way to stay in touch with your family and reconnect with old friends. The posters and balloons were festive, and the guys all knew how to use the gadgets. Even Markus was great. I think Randal's experience with his grandmother really helped him set the right tone for the event. He was a great leader, which was made apparent by the fact that everyone on his time voted to grant him an exemption. The one dud on the men's team last night was Clay. Obviously, he shouldn't have made a big stink about the Tivo. First of all, Tivo isn't that complicated once you set it up. Second of all, it was inappropriate to cause such a scene in front of George. He's not long for this show.

So far, the men seem a lot stronger than the women. Rebecca really rubs me the wrong way. I'm surprised that the Donald let her get away with that lame excuse for not bringing Torval back into the room. He usually fires people that let their friendships cloud their judgement. Rebecca talks a good game, but I doubt that will get her very far. I guess we'll find out.