Toral was so worried about looking foolish last night that she wound up looking like, well, a complete fool. Her credentials are nothing to sneeze at: She's worked at Goldman Sachs and American Express, she's currently a vp at a big investment bank, and, at age 29, she's a multi-millionaire, according to her NBC profile. Still, I'd take someone like Lana over Toral any day. Even though Lana owns a chain of spas and is also a multi-millionaire, she's not afraid to roll up her sleeves and dive into every task. She's a team player and never seems to look down on the other candidates.

Toral, on the other hand, was afraid to be project manager, her contributions during the brainstorming session stunk, and her lame excuses for not wearing the Zip costume were embarassing. Even Rebecca seemed appalled at Toral's little rooftop rant about how much better she is than the other candidates. I'm sure her bosses and coworkers were watching. I wonder what they think of her now?

Though I don't think Rebecca did a great job on last week's retirement home task, I think she has potential. At 23, she's younger than a lot of the other women, so it's understandable why she was a bit naive about Toral. She more or less redeemed herself in the boardroom last night when she told Trump to fire her former pal. Hopefully she's learned her lesson about confusing friendship with business.

I have to agree with Toral on one point: Zip was pathetic. The women totally ignored the teen demographic. And why didn't they listen to Rebecca when she suggested that Zip wear a Dairy Queen t-shirt? I blame Rebecca for not being more insistent. Is it me, or do people on this show have a bad habit of suggesting ideas, then backing down immediately? That way, they can't be blamed for a loss if the idea is a bust (since it's never put to the test), but they can take credit for it later on if, in hindsight, it winds up to have been a good suggestion. If you know something's essential to winning the task, and don't fight to push it through, you're just as bad as everyone else. Plus, if Rebecca wants to be taken more seriously, perhaps she should spend less time looking in the mirror and teasing her hair.

At first, when the the guys were talking about the genie's big boobs, I was a little nervous. But the character turned out pretty great. The genie would definitely appeal to both kids and teens. I liked her ice-cream hair and, more importantly, her DQ belt buckle. The guys worked together really well and I'm glad that Markus behaved himself again. That said, I don't think they should have given Clay an exemption. His behavior was ridiculous from the get-go. He'd never make it as a manager with that kind of dictatorial attitude.

I hope the teams get mixed up soon. I can't stand another week of the women fighting. Toral was terrible, but the four blonds were almost just as bad. They were petty and shrewish last night. If their behavior doesn't improve soon, the rest of the season will be painful to watch.