I can't believe Jim dodged the bullet again last night. His behavior was completely bizarre and inappropriate. I think the Donald would have fired him in a heart beat, but since Martha's company has room for more "creative" types, I can see why she would keep him around for a little longer. He's pretty entertaining. That said, I don't see him winning the grand prize. He definitely seems to have a dark side. That argument with Howie about "slaying the dragon" was completely ridiculous. They're both hot heads and, for that reason, I wouldn't want either of them working at my company.

Besides, Jennifer's performance was terrible. She was hiding like a scared mouse behind the "counter" the entire time. When Jim started acting crazy, she was afraid to pull him off the floor. If she was worried that he would make a scene, she should have asked him to step outside to talk. When it comes down to it, the task was about selling, and she bombed out in that department.

I was really relieved that Martha reorganized the teams. I don't blame Ryan for choosing Marcela last. Up until last night, she's been pretty blah. But, like Bethenny, she really shone when she was in her element. Good for her. I'm also glad that David finally won a challenge, although I'm not quite sure if he's Martha material. He seems to be good for team spirit, but I haven't noticed him make any other big contributions.

I felt bad for Bethenny. She came up with a great salad dressing and, for the first time, she seemed confident and energized. I think she would be a good fit at Martha's company, but if she doesn't win a few challenges, she'll never have a shot. One person who didn't deserve a reward last night was Leslie. Her pushy sales tactics were totally unacceptable. I can't believe she was actually putting salad dressing in people's carts and yelling at them. I liked her tactic of selling multiple bottles to each customer, but she could have been a lot more subtle about it. She's a real boob. I predict that either she or Jim will get the boot next week.

On a different note, I read that Donald Trump is publicly blaming Martha Stewart for diluting his ratings. The nerve! As Martha pointed out last week, she's not the kind of person you'd want to annoy.