Once again, the women's team totally missed the point of their assignment. They're too busy bickering to take a step back and think about what's really important. Last week, they blew it by creating a cartoonish character that wouldn't appeal to teens. This week, they failed to emphasize the name Zathura, even though John Favreau made it perfectly clear that making people familiar with the name was one of the float's main goals!

Even though Kristi has a toxic personality, I think Jennifer should have been fired last night. It was her fault that Zip was so childish, and she blew the float task by mispronouncing Zathura five times during her presentation! If she was physically unable to say the name correctly, she should have let someone else make the presentation. She seems to think her flowing hair and peppy personality can substitute for actual substance. That may work at the Miss Universe contest, but not in the business world! During her presentation, she was acting like a total ditz, talking about "her little helpers." Give me a break!

That said, Kristi isn't much better. She's honest and outspoken, which I like, but being the loudest person on the team isn't necessarily a good thing. Most of the time, it seemed like she was making a stink about inconsequential details. If she was loudly insisting that they plaster the name Zathura all over the float, that would have been a good thing. But it seems like she was just being difficult and stubborn. If she had actually suggested a good idea, everyone probably would have tuned her out anyway.

I've always liked Randal, but I'm beginning to wonder if he was just riding on his team's coattails. I was hoping he'd help get Capital Edge on track, but he didn't seem to do much at all. When Jen decided to take three team members with her to buy a red carpet, he simply went along, rather than staying behind to help Kristi, Alla, and Felisha complete the float. I'm not impressed. I do think Randal was correct to point out that the women didn't seem to respect each other. The guys, on the other hand, gel very well (except for Markus, but I'll get to him later). The recording session with Wyclef was a great example of how they work together. That was, by far, the best reward ever on this show.

I was disappointed in Markus' performance last night. He rebounded a bit during the past two weeks, but he really blew it during the float task. He seems almost delusional. He thinks he's made of teflon? Why, exactly? I don't blame Brian and the rest of the guys for being annoyed that Markus simply sulked while they worked on the float. I don't think Brian handled the situation too well, though. He should have taken Markus to the side before things got so out of hand. Besides that, I thought Brian was a decent leader (except, of course, for his terrible presentation skills). The float was very impressive, especially compared to Capital Edge's design. I loved the idea of using an audio loop to drive home the name Zahtura.

I guess the Donald plans to mix up the teams last week. Finally! I hope Alla gets some wins under her belt. I predict that either Markus or Jennifer will get the boot next week. One can only hope!