Sarah and Carrie really got their comeuppance last night. I enjoyed every minute of it. Sarah seemed to think that optimism is the only requirement of a good leader. Boy was she wrong. First of all, that "silent" brainstorming session was ridiculous. I can see the wisdom behind asking people to think quietly on their own for a little while before coming to a brainstorming session, but there just isn't time for that on this show.

Sarah's second mistake was hubris. Jim is totally full of himself, but at least he backs it up with good ideas. Sarah, on the other hand, doesn't seem to have a creative bone in her body. She just sat there waiting for other people to come up with a concept for the Tide stick. The best was when she said she wasn't even thinking about the product. Hello? Have you learned nothing from this show? When Jim pointed out that the product should be the central focus of their efforts, Sarah treated him like an idiot. That really made me mad.

Carrie was just as bad. Bethenny hit the nail on the head when she said that Carrie always volunteers for the accounting task so that she doesn't have to contribute in a meaningful way. I thought they had unlimited budgets for these tasks anyway? Ridiculous! I almost screamed when she shooed Howie out of the minivan and made it seem like coming up with the concept was his responsibility. She deserved to get the boot.

That said, I can't let the rest of the team off the hook completely. They knew Sarah was a bad manager, so they should have just come up with an idea and run with it. When Sarah rejected Howie's boxing suggestion, he should have pressed her instead of just giving up right away. As for Bethenny, she didn't seem to have any good ideas. And I blame her for those terrible street performers. Those contortionist guys were disturbing! They may have been suitable for a circus promotion, but it didn't fit with the Tide image at all. Isn't the target demographic for the stain stick pretty conservative? What the heck? Jim, for his part, did a good job on the sign, tried to keep the team on task, and didn't act crazy. I'm glad Martha sent him back to the suite. In a way, though, it's kind of cruel...does anyone really think Jim's going to make it to the finals? He's just too unpredictable.

As for Matchstick, I was impressed with everyone. There was a chance that things could get ugly after the team ripped on Marcela in the conference room last week, but she got over it, which wasn't easy to do. Good for her. Dawna was a good leader. When Ryan was throwing out some hairbrained ideas during the brainstorming session, she bit her tongue, and he eventually came up with the Tide to Go Joe character. I must admit that I was a little nervous about that idea at first, but it wound up being great, especially compared to the lame rap concert that Primarius staged. I also liked the fact that Matchstick added other elements to the promotion, like the product demo table. That was very smart.

Apparently, Jim's going to go off the rails again next week. That should be entertaining, though I hope he doesn't get fired. This show would be a lot duller without him! Right now, my money's on Dawna or Amanda. Martha seems to like Bethenny, but she loses an awful lot, and that's bound to catch up with her. Howie, maybe, but I'll be surprised if Martha doesn't choose a woman. I guess we'll find out soon enough...