Sorry for the late posting. I was actually at a meeting in the boardroom all day. I didn't get fired, though...haha. Anyway, last night's boardroom scene was totally bizarre. The Donald really went off the rails. From the perspective of a TV viewer, it was great. From an employee's perspective, it was completely creepy! First of all, I don't get everyone's fascination with Adam's sex life. I felt bad for him, especially when the Donald asked him if he had ever slept with anyone. How is that relevant? Then, he started asking Clay if he was attracted to Felisha and Alla. So strange! I don't think a real CEO would ever go there, but I guess the Donald follows a different set of rules.

I must admit that I was wrong to question Randal's ability after the Zathura challenge. He was right on the money last night. Sure, the Stand Out idea seemed a little corny at first, but Randal did a great job leading the class, and the whole thing wound up to be fun and entertaining. I loved when that one guy yelled out, "I want a blank check." It was smart to ask everyone to fill out a survey and break into working groups. Randal really connected with the audience, and you could tell that people got something out of it. Marshawn was also an excellent speaker. I'm not exactly sure what Rebecca and Brian contributed, though, besides snarky comments and eye rolls. Rebecca must have been kicking herself for that "We're so screwd comment" in the beginning.

As for Capital Edge, what a bust! The idea was promising, but they did a terrible job developing a curriculum and leading the class. It seemed slapdash. And I cringed every time Clay opened his mouth. His comments were inappropriate for that setting. When you're talking to a crowd, it's very easy to offend someone with foul language. I know the subject matter was inherently spicy, but Clay could have handled it with more class. And, of course, that Jewish comment was out of line. Sure, Adam made fun of his background to break the ice, but it wasn't cool for Clay to join in. Alla, for her part, was fine as a presenter, but I blame her for coming up with a good idea and not following up with good execution. She could have done better.

Needless to say, Markus had to go. What a fool. I can't tell if he was just nervous on camera or what. I can't wait to talk to him at the finale party and see if that's his true personality. If so, he's ridiculous! He never made sense and never got to the point. Even worse, he was smug and full of himself. Good riddance!

Overall, last night's episode was pretty boring and didn't have much to do with business. In the end, though, the Donald's crazy boardroom antics more than made up for that. Apparently the kids are doing a Star Wars promotion next week. That should be more interesting. My money's on Randal. In my opinion, he's the best candidate since Bill Rancic...