Last night's episode was great, and I thought it was a good task. Selling products on QVC is how a lot of entrepreneurs get their start, so it was interesting to get a peek at how it all works. And how cool were those real-time sales charts?

Ryan did a wonderful job as the project manager. He's one of the strongest players at this point. Right away, he understood the tone they needed to take. And I think it helped that he chose a product to sell that he was enthusiastic about. That said, I was a little worried for him during the ride over when Amanda kept talking over everyone, and he said he was going to pick his battles. But he did, and he picked them well. I was impressed that he told Amanda to get off camera in the middle of the presentation when somehow her mere presence caused sales to plummet. (Good thing he gave the bulk of that job to Leslie.) To Amanda's credit, she took it very well and didn't storm off in a huff or burn the little house down.

I'm glad they got to visit Martha's East Hampton house, and that we got to see it too. How great that the interior design was based on a tarpon fish and an old scrap of linen! (Oddly enough, my apartment looks like it was inspired by an old scrap of something too, but with less impressive results.) It was a gorgeous house. One thing I'll never understand, though, is how being into taxidermy means that you love animals. Oh, well. Moving on'¦

Primarius was at a severe disadvantage, even though they had Dawna. With Bethenny's high-strung personality, Jim's inappropriate antics, and Howie's lack of effort, it's amazing they sold as many air pumps as they did. Howie was the big disappointment of the night. He really blew it. And we all knew Jim was nuts, but who knew he would be such the Iago? He nearly got Bethenny fired by persuading her to criticize Dawna after she had already made the decision to save her from the chopping block. That just made Bethenny look stupid.

Lucky for Bethenny, Howie really bombed. He couldn't demonstrate the tiniest bit of enthusiasm or even remember the name of the product. Plus, how much is there to learn about an air pump? You pump up beach balls with it. Why did he think he needed hours of research? And I think he was honestly surprised when Bethenny pointed out how he had cost them valuable prep time "Wait, now you're blaming this on me?!" Yes!

Even though Martha made the right choice in sending Howie home, I think Jim should have gotten more flack for turning his back to the camera and actually blocking the shot of the product he was demonstrating. That's just asinine. I think he has set the bar so low for himself, he got credit for not acting like a total lunatic for a change. But I'm glad he's still around to entertain us for another week.

Speaking of which, I'm excited to see what happens next week that causes so many people to openly weep. It looks like it could be a good one.