That crosstown traffic is a killer. It was really silly of Brian to only leave himself 15 minutes to get from midtown Manhattan to Chelsea, but I would never dream that it would take 45 minutes! It's not that far away. They probably could have walked it in less time. Those 30 minutes cost his team the game. At least the executives could have told them that Star Wars: Episode III is all about Anakin Skywalker's transformation into Darth Vader. Which was apparently necessary since everyone lives under a rock except for Randall, the only one who'd ever seen Star Wars (or even any part of the huge advertising campaign for Revenge of the Sith). I don't know why he wasn't project manager or at least the one leading the presentation, exemption or not. I laughed when Marshawn asked that they highlight some weird character on the display that I don't ever remember seeing. And even with Randall's help, they didn't get that they needed to make their display all about Darth Vader. My 11-year-old cousin could have lead the Excel team better on this task.

As for Capital Edge, I wish I had counted how many times the word vindictive was used in reference to Clay. I think the decision to make Clay project manager was a good idea. The project manager has to take more responsibility when a team loses, and at least it would give him some incentive to try to win and not sabotage the rest of the team. For all Clay's talk about trying to get Alla fired (and not out of revenge, but because she's the strongest player on the team) all that he did was give her more responsibility. But that wasn't effective, because Alla's good and she did a nice job. In fact, giving her more responsibility is a good strategy for winning a task. She nearly got herself in trouble, though, when she got her ire up over the idea that Clay might be taking credit for her creation. Talking over him and making comments from the background just came off as unprofessional and chaotic.

About Marshawn's presentation, I wasn't totally sure why she was asked to do it. We haven't really seen much of her on camera, but maybe she was a good speaker in scenes that I didn't see. Obviously, Marshawn didn't think she was the best one to do the presentation, since she believed that Brian was setting her up to take the blame if they failed. And she was probably right. It made the most sense to have Randall presenting the display, but he was exempt from firing. As Alla proved, the only way to deal with that kind of situation is to take what you're given and do a good job.
Rebecca was so smart to volunteer to do the presentation at the last minute. She knew that even if she blew it, she would could say, "I only had a few minutes to prepare," and if she did a great job, well, then she's a hero. She keeps impressing the Donald with moves like that. Firing Brian and Marshawn was a no-brainer. I enjoyed their awkward moment together in the cab, as Marshawn complained about Brian as if he wasn't there, practically sitting in her lap.

I'm really turned off about this song-writing task next week. What does that have to do with anything? And remember that Dairy Queen task? I don't want to hear any of these people sing, especially Adam.